Mathews Clerk of Court

The Mathews Clerk of Court is the official record keeper of all court records and court-related documents filed within their jurisdiction. A comprehensive and readily available database regarding the Mathews court clerk provides important court-related data. As an appointed officer to work and assist with administrative duties for the chief judge and other judges, the Clerk of Court oversees and manages the flow of court cases and processes.

The purpose of the Mathews Clerk of Court directory is to list down the local clerk's office where the public could inspect public documents regarding open and active cases as well as additional pleadings that are filed with the court. Know who and how to contact your Mathews, Virginia Clerk of Court for fast and hassle-free transactions:

Mathews Clerk of Court Mathews County Clerk of Circuit Court

Clerk Address: 50 Brickbat Road, Matthews, VA 23109

Phone: (804)725-2550

Fax: (804)725-7456

Code: 86 sq. miles

Population: 9,226

Office Hours: Eastern


Services and Assistance From the Mathews Clerk of Court

The primary duties of the appointed court clerkare the intake, recording, and docketing of cases filed with the VA court. New cases and pleadings are initially filed through the court clerk's office where the deputy clerks accept the filing. The assigned clerk office staff also provides basic case information as given in the docket sheets. You can ask questions regarding the deadlines, court operations, and local rules.

Know Where Mathews Legal Documents Are Kept

The Mathews Clerk of Court is also tasked to provide courtroom services. The courtroom deputy clerk sits in the courtroom particularly near the presiding judge. It is also the responsibility of the courtroom deputy clerk to administer oaths to witnesses as well as interpreters. The Clerk of Court likewise keeps the minutes of the court proceedings and generally helps the judge through the trial.

Contact your local Mathews Clerk of Court for any assistance and concerns regarding court records and documents.