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Clerk of Courts: Accessing Court-Related Assistance

The Clerk of Courts website is designed to provide the most complete directory of different offices in your area. The main purpose of this site is to includeinformation from various Clerk of Court locationsand their contact information. The site is a compilation of the relevant data including the location or address of the local office you are looking for. It also includes the building information, phone numbers, contact details, official websites, and many more. Find the nearest Clerk of Court location through this comprehensive database based on the state, county, and city.

What is a Clerk of Court?

The official function of this officer is to oversee the administration of the court. The main duty of the Clerk of Court is to manage the flow of cases and information via the court. The officer is an appointee of the court who closely works with the chief judge as well as the other judges. There is a difference in the function and structure of the clerks' offices, depending on the court type..Nevertheless, in all types of courts, the clerk's office staff plays numerous vital roles in record keeping and maintaining the progress of the court.

Here are some of the functions of the Clerk of Courts and the clerk's office in general:

  • Screen pleadings and other related documents that are submitted to the court. This is imperative in order to ensure compliance with the court rules and legal requirements.
  • Recruit, hire, and train staff
  • Develop and implement a system for records management
  • Manage the process that helps in the identification and summon of potential jurors
  • Manage a collection, accounting, and disbursement system of funds
  • Monitor the court space construction and alterations in the venue
  • Maintain liaison with other legal or court branches as well as related agencies of the government
  • Prepare budgetary requests and spend court plans in order to meet its goals
  • Provide non-confidential data to the press

There are various ways on how you can keep in touch with the Clerk of Court in your area. Take note of the important details you need to provide in order to make your search fast and easy.


Cross City Clerk of Court

Address: Dixie County Courthouse, 214 NE Highway 351, Cross City, FL 32628

Phone: (352) 498-1200

Fax: (352) 498-1201

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Laurel County Clerk of Court

Address: 101 South Main St., Room 203, London, KY 40741

Phone: (606)864-5158

Fax: (606)864-7369

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Barton County Clerk of Court

Address: Barton County Courthouse, Suite 206, 1400 Main St., Great Bend, KS 67530

Phone: (620)793-1821


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Grady County Clerk of Court

Address: 326 West Choctaw Ave., Chickasha, OK 73023

Phone: (405)224-7388

Fax: (405)222-4506

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