How Can I Become a Clerk of Court?

The process of becoming a clerk of court will vary depending on your state because the training and educational requirements for clerks of court vary from one state to another. The basic requirement for court clerks in most of the states is a high school diploma and a certification as court’s clerk or a two year college degree. The nature of education and training you receive will also determine the type of court you can work in as a clerk.

The following is a comprehensive step of how you can become a clerk of court in the United States-:

High School Diploma

The first step towards becoming a clerk of court in the United States is to get a high school diploma, with a satisfactory GPA. The high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement you need to become a clerk of court in the country.

Associate or Bachelor’s Degree

Most people who want to become clerks of court prefer to go for a two-yearassociate degree program or a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Getting a college education will be a great boost towards your employment prospects as most employers are now keen on hiring undergrads as clerks of courts. The recommended fields of study are business administration and criminal justice. These will help you develop a sound understanding of how the judicial system in the United States works.

Sharpen your skills

Computer literacy and writing skills are some of the most important arsenals in the toolbox of a clerk of court. You don’t just need to be an average writer, but you need to have a great command of English language, and since most of the court systems heavily rely on automation, being proficient in computers is also highly recommended. For you to be a top performing court clerk, you must have a thorough understanding of the US legal system, excellent writing skills and be relatively comfortable with the legal jargon.

Get Certified

It is not a must that you be certified for you to become a Clerk of Court in the United States, but the imperativeness of getting certified cannot be overlooked in this profession. Certification is especially important if you seek to get ahead of the pack and rise the ranks much faster as a clerks of court. Most states in the country have associations of court clerks and it is these associations which are responsible for offering the various certification programs. In addition to offering certifications, the associations also oversee the field of court clerks in those states and offer appropriate training to help improve the careers of the court clerks.

Career as a Clerk of Court

After you attain all the educational requirements as well as some certifications, you will be ready to delve into the exciting career of being a Clerk of Court. Owing to its importance within the legal fraternity and the United States judicial system, it is a prestigious career that commands a lot of respect from attorneys, judges, and the members of the public. This is not to mention the handsome remuneration it attracts each year.