Montana Clerk of Court

Montana Clerk of Court offers a comprehensive database of the different appointed clerks and clerks' office staffs in MT. Court clerks have vital responsibilities particularly in processing court summons, maintaining legal files, settings legal cases for the court, collecting, recording, and distributing court funds, and preparing the budgetary requests. The Montana Clerk of Court handles administrative functions to assist the chief judge and other judges in court. The office is the first stop when visiting the court. It is where cases are opened as well as additional pleadings are filed. MT residents and those with court-related concerns may go to the clerk's office for public information. Data access for current cases that are filed and heard before the court is permitted through the local Clerk of Court offices.

County Clerk of Court

Beaverhead County Clerk of Court

Address: 2 South Pacific St., Suite 3, Dillon, MT 59725

Phone: (406) 683-3720

Fax: (406) 683-3781

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Big Horn County Clerk of Court

Address: Big Horn County Courthouse, 121 W. 3rd St. West, Room 203, Harden, MT 59034

Phone: (406) 665-9730

Fax: (406) 665-9738

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Blaine County Clerk of Court

Address: 420 Ohio St., Chinook, MT 59523

Phone: (406) 357-3240

Fax: (406)357-2199

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Broadwater County Clerk of Court

Address: 515 Broadway Street, Townsend, Montana, 59644

Phone: 406-266-9215

Fax: 406-266-3674

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Carbon County Clerk of Court

Address: 17 West 11th St., Red Lodge, MT 59068

Phone: (406)446-1220

Fax: (406)446-2640

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Carter County Clerk of Court

Address: 214 Park St., Ekalaka, MT 59324

Phone: (406) 775-8749

Fax: (406) -775-8750

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Cascade County Clerk of Court

Address: 121 4th St. North, Suite #1B-1, Great Falls, MT 59401

Phone: (406) 454-6801

Fax: (406) 454-6703

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City Clerk of Court

Anaconda Clerk of Court

Address: 800 Main St., Anaconda, MT 59711

Phone: (406) 563-4060

Fax: (406) 563-4000

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Baker Clerk of Court

Address: 10 West Fallon Avenue, Baker, MT 59313

Phone: (406) 778-7106

Fax: (406) 778-2048

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Big Timber Clerk of Court

Address: 115 W 5th Ave., Big Timber, MT 59011

Phone: (406) 932-5152

Fax: (406) 932-3026

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Billings Clerk of Court

Address: 217 N. 27th Street, Room 401, Billings, MT 59107

Phone: (406) 256-2785

Fax: (406) 256-2736

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Boulder Clerk of Court

Address: 201 West Centennial Ave., Boulder, MT 59632

Phone: (406) 225-4020

Fax: (406) 225-4149

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Bozeman Clerk of Court

Address: 311 West Main St., Room 203, Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: (406) 582-3050

Fax: (406) 582-3196

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Broadus Clerk of Court

Address: 1 Main St., Courthouse Square, Broadus, MT 59317

Phone: (406) 436-2361

Fax: (406) 436-2151

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Getting Important Court Files and Documents

Montana has county and city courts where there are appointed court clerks. These clerks are elected officials as well as custodians of the numerous documents that are filed in court every day. Court documents, lawsuits, and such are filed basically in the office of the local Clerk of Court. Each clerk in each county is responsible for the day to day operations of the court system.

The comprehensive list of MT Clerk of Court addresses, websites, phone numbers, and emails will help you get access to legal public records and other related documents through the right person and office.